What is Bento Lunch Box? (Detailed Discussion 2022)

Being a perfect mom, you would have heard the term, “Bento Lunch Box”. Have you ever thought that what is a bento lunch box and from where a bento is different from traditional lunch boxes? If not, you need to think about that. Here, we will describe different plus points of a bento box, and how it would be beneficial for your school-going kids.
So, if you are also passionate to know more about bento boxes, be with us. Let’s get started;
Infographic : What is Bento Lunch Box

What is Bento Lunch Box? (5 Differences)

Bento is a word derived from Japanese culture which means quick contained meal. So, Bento boxes are the culture of Japan, which has been imitated all over the world. Now every school-going kid and adult feel like eating his lunch in a bento box. Let’s explore, where the actual difference lies between bento boxes and traditional boxes. Let’s discover.


The first factor that creates a hell of a difference between a bento box and a traditional lunch box is the bento’s compartment. The bento box is compartmentalized while the traditional one, generally, has a single compartment.
Owing to different compartments, you can pack different types of foods for your kids’ lunch.
Amazingly, only one container (bento) has 2 to 3 compartments like a dollhouse.


Generally, traditional lunch containers vary in size according to the requirements of users. On the other hand, bento boxes, however, are compact in size. The compact size of the bento box doesn’t demand too much space in the school bag of kids and can be easily adjustable.
Additionally, the compact size of a bento box never limits you to pack different types of food. As we have mentioned earlier that the main compartment is compartmentalized which allows you to pack different types of nutritious food.


Insulation is something that makes a lunch box superior or inferior. Generally, classic containers don’t have an appropriate insulation system due to which the packed food gets cooled fast. On the other hand, bento boxes are well insulated which tends to keep food warm for hours.
Double or triple layers of insulating material have been used in bento boxes which never let the heat get inside or outside.
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Classic lunch boxes are made from different types of material. For example, lunch bags are made from heavy-duty fabric. On the other hand, several lunch boxes are made of stainless steel and plastic. However, traditional plastic lunch boxes are not BPA-free which can endanger the health of your kids.
On the other hand, bento boxes are made of BPA-free plastic which doesn’t pose any threat to your kids’ health.
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Design and Color:

Lastly, bento boxes are available in different colors and attractive designs that can make your kids feel wow in their school. On the flip side, classic lunch boxes are simple in design.
Besides design and color, bento lunch boxes are easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Moreover, you need not purchase extra boxes or any wrapping material to keep the food warm.
In short, we can say that bento boxes are love and your kids will enjoy the lunch.
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If you are searching for a lunch box for your school-going kids then try to purchase a bento lunch box. Normally, a bento box is made from BPA-free plastic and multi compartments make it versatile. Moreover, eye-catching colors and design always attract your kids’ attention as well. If you have any other suggestions please do write in the comment section. Thank you. Stay blessed.

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