Best Toddler Lunch Box with Compartments in 2022

Toddlers are always on the go. They need to be prepared for anything that they might encounter, and their lunch needs to be just as prepared. This toddler lunch box with compartments is perfect for any little one – it will keep this child’s food fresh and ready to eat at all times.

This Lunch Box has three different sized compartments which can hold many different types of foods; from sandwiches, fruit, veggies, yogurt, etc.

The exterior of this lunch box is easy to grip fabric so even toddlers can pack themselves a healthy meal without any help! The interior lining is BPA free silicone that won’t react with food or liquid.


Top 05 Toddler Lunch Box with Compartments Reviews

Toddlers are a lot of work and it can be difficult to keep them entertained. One way to ensure that they’re happy and well-fed is to pack their lunch box with all the essentials for a healthy, balanced meal. The best part about doing this? You’ll know exactly what they will eat! Below we’ve compiled some helpful tips on how you should go about packing this toddler’s lunch box so you don’t have any problems down the line.

1- CffdoiFanh Bento Box

Easily pack a sandwich, meat, fruit and yogurt in this leak proof bento lunch box. The leak-resistant lid means you have less to wipe up.3 compartments provide ample space for all these favorite foods – or consider getting this for these kids’ school lunches with the additional features of a no spill round container and a thermal barrier that prevents cold food from touching hot food.

Everything you need to grab-go. 3 compartments are always better than one. And now it’s easier than ever with the Cfdi Fan Bento Box which features easy leak proof lining, 3 food grade stainless steel nesting containers, and a compact design that is perfect for anyone on the go.

Let’s face it. Water becomes gross after a while, people are cranky when they’re on an empty stomach on long car rides and you’ll be investing in food containers for this lifestyle so why wouldn’t you want something decorative yet practical? Let the Cfdi Fan Bento Box help ensure that kids have some good food on their laps to keep from begging every five minutes, or that this hard-working husband can bring a healthy meal home without having to drag a huge Tupperware container around! Sure it has storage space inside but don’t just judge by that. You know what they say about wearing a suit when you go to battle? Prepare this friends and family in the same way.

 Safely transport all their favorite foods in this top-notch Bento Box that’s slim in size but big on protection! Don’t expose anyone else to the tainted side dishes at work, just give them a mirror shard of food instead. Trust us when we say it’ll be much appreciated (and WHO doesn’t like splitting dessert?)Its sturdy material is perfect for lunchtime disasters like spilling milk or accidental squishing.



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2- Freshware Meal Prep Containers 3 Compartment with Lids

 Say goodbye to Tupperware that either doesn’t seal properly or gets dinged up even if you do take care of them well. The stacking feature also means less storage space required at home- no more refrigerator cluttering without sacrificing the orderliness essential for healthy living! After all, stylish organization is what this world needs now more than ever.

Fresh ware containers are made of this eco-friendly material compositions designed for safe use in the microwave, freezer, dishwasher or oven. They’re stackable with three compartments that keep food separated until you’re ready to eat them.

It’s always difficult to find the perfect container for food or leftovers. Luckily, Fresh ware has the answer. The three compartment fresh box storage container is perfectly sized for all these needs! With this bento box, you can separate food into three sections keeping leafy veggies dry and other things like grains crisp by using its lid, snap lock seal base and silicone band closures that can be sealed down tight with just one hand to keep everything fresh without any leaks.

 It also features a groove on top of the stackable containers allowing you to this off liquids safely if need be! This product is dishwasher safe as well as microwave-safe which means it’s versatile all over this kitchen. It’s sleek, it’s chic, and it’s here to make this life easier.



3- Compartment Bento-Style Kids Lunch Box

Young children often complain about the food their grown-ups pack for them to take to school. Bent go Kids Prints is an awesome solution! It’s leak-proof, BPA-free and dishwasher safe; making this little one happy that they can eat their lunch or snack decorously with ease. Plus it comes in a bright and cheerful print like.

Meet the lunch box every kid will want to pack. This fun, colorful toddler bento-style lunch kit has serving bowls that are leak proof, easy to clean and even fits in a standard fridge shelf.

And because the compartments are portion-sized for kids, there’s no more digging around to find what you need—everything is right at your fingertips. It also comes with two snap-on lids so you can have one stored away while eating out of one or just put them both on if you’re saving it for later! The Bent go Kids Prints comes in five different colors, making it great for school field trips too.

Blue Sky Pirates, Punk Penguin Patterns and Dino Dragons. Kids know the struggle of finding anything to eat in their lunchbox with just a few minutes left before they have to run out the door. That’s why Bent go Kids Prints are perfect for you! With this latest design just for kids, this toddler will never again be disappointed when opening their lunch kit. Drop-resistant and BPA free, go to helping children through this partnership with Feeding America, making this kit even more important.



4- Leakproof 3 Compartment Lunchbox Container for Kids

Feed this kiddo with the 3 Sprouts Lunch Bento Box! This understated little lunch box is perfect for lining up small healthy bites while you’re on-the-go. With three separate compartments for easy stacking snacks, kids will never be left hungry unless they happen to make a mess of it. 

With a small container for fruit and vegetables, this leak-proof 3 compartment bento box is the perfect storage solution. The 8.5×5.75×2.5 inch size makes it ideal for kids! Get this little one ready to tackle their lunch with a little creativity and imagination.

This 3-compartment, leak proof box is perfect for a baby’s first food. The outer container will hold yogurt, baby cereal or applesauce. Larger compartments are divided up with their own lids so food doesn’t touch. We’ve even included a small bowl so you can dip fruits in yogurt. An optional ice pack is also available to keep this lunch chilled all day long. 

Get this little one ready for a great day of hands-on exploration with this 3 Sprouts Lunch Bento Box! Built to last and stylish, this lunch box features leak proof three compartment lunch boxes and containers. That’s because this sturdy stainless steel bento box is leak-proof and PVC free.



5- Eco-Friendly Stainless Steel Bento Lunch Box with 3 Compartments

PlanetBox LAUNCH is a redesigned, easy-to-pack lunch box that transforms into an amazing customizable gift. The sleek 2.1 pound (982g) stainless steel container comes with 3 compartments that can be stacked to fit up to 10’ of food and leak proof 4 ounce (113mL) cups for younger children.

PlanetBox LAUNCH is a 2-in-1 lunch set for adults and kids. Complete with triple insulated food containers, strong but lightweight stainless steel carry bags, and an assortment of fun magnets to inspire you on this next vast adventure.

Pack this lunch with PlanetBox LAUNCH, a Get up N Go Lunchbox for Moms and Kids. It’s stackable so it fits neatly in the car’s glove box, under the seat or on top of shopping bags. Designed by world-class designer Robert Aplomb Jr., this stainless steel lunchbox has 3 compartments that are perfect for adults and kids too. Be ready to explore with Pink Mamba Nebula Carry Bag complete with 22 feet of removable elastic straps that function as shoulder strap, bicep cuff strap wrap around belt, handbag strap or backpack attachment all lined up with constellation/star map magnets to help you find this way back home at night.

The neoprene Mars Carry Bag protects the box from puddles, spills and other accidents while sporting planetary maps stars.Don’t pack lunches ever again! With PlanetBox LAUNCH you get an attractive hardy meal container like no other on the market today. Made of eco-friendly materials, it comes complete with three stackable containers for adults or older children; these leak proof cups.




A toddler lunch box with compartments is a great way to organize this child’s food and snacks for easy access. This will help make sure they don’t go hungry during the day, but also that you know what foods they are eating. If this sounds like something you need or want more information on, check out this blog post about them here.