Lunch Boxes with Thermos for Adults Reviews in 2022

Lunch boxes are a great way to pack your lunch for work, school, or just running errands. The best thing about them is that they come in all shapes and sizes so you can find the perfect one for you.

They have been around for decades and have evolved with time. Some of the new features on these lunch boxes include a thermos which will keep your food warm throughout the day if it’s packed inside a cold container! With so many options out there, we hope this blog post helps narrow down what would be best suited for you.

Sr. NoNamePrice
1Omie Box Bento Box for Kids – Insulated Bento Lunch Box
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2Lille Home Lunch Box Set, An Vacuum Insulated Bento/Snack Box
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3Thermos Lunch Cooler and King Stainless Bottle Combination Set, BlackCheck Price
4THERMOS FUNTAINER 10 Ounce Stainless Steel Check Price
5Thermos Lunch Lugger Cooler and Beverage Bottle Combination SetCheck Price
6A2S Complete Meal Prep Lunch Box Check Price

Top 06 Lunch Boxes with Thermos for Adults Reviews

Thermoses are a great way to keep your lunch cold and fresh. They can be hard to find at the store, but they’re worth it. If you need some ideas for what kind of lunch box, to get or how to pack healthy lunches.



1- Omie Box Bento Box for Kids – Insulated Bento Lunch Box

Omie Box Bento Box for Kids is the only insulated bento lunch box that keeps healthy delicious lunches healthy and tasty. We’re not talking any old boring food either, OmieBox has popped-outs like mini pizzas, turkey sandwiches with roasted veggies, pasta & tomato sauce in seasoned olive oil, and mashed potatoes with green beans in garlic butter. Bento Box for Kids who are always on the go.

The Leak Proof, Thermos food jar is perfect for your adventurous young one to gobble up their snacks and yogurt puffs with a side of soup or cereal in the morning at home or in school. Incoming messes will be locked behind the Omiebox’s securely tight seal that won’t open until opened from BOTH sides with two hands. Get your kids to eat better with the Omie Box Bento Box for Kids! This bento box is an investment worth making, as it will last from elementary school through high school and beyond.

It comes complete with a five-compartment tray that can be filled with nutritious items–the size of each compartment varies so you can keep complex diets in mind. At first glance, this bento box looks like a cute lunchbox for kids–but don’t let it fool you! The Omie Box has premium insulation inside to keep food at desired temperatures for hours on end. In fact, once this lunch container has been used, parents will see how much easier lunch prep was compared to what they were doing before.


with Leak Proof

Thermos Food Jar – 3 Compartments,

Two Temperature Zones


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2. Lille Home Lunch Box Set, An Vacuum Insulated Bento/Snack Box

Lille Home Lunch Box Set, An Vacuum Insulated Bento/Snack Box is the ultimate tool for healthy living. The containers are made with specially designed insulation so you can keep your food warm up to 4-6 hours without burning or overcooking it! With two pieces to store all of your favourite items, including protein and rice balls, eggs, jerky sand meatballs – take lunch on the go like a boss.

Plus the bag integrates a knife and fork set that straps onto either side (saving space in your purse), as well as six different compartment organizer tabs for easy categorizing! Keep yourself happy at work by packing plenty of lean proteins and veggies. Eat your heart out with this complete, go-anywhere lunch box set for a smart diet. It’s never been easier to plan ahead and get fit!

Introducing the Lille Home Lunch Box Set that will perfect any healthy lifestyle by keeping your food warm for 4-6 hours or cold up to 12 hours. Discover all the benefits of these two BPA-free containers designed with you in mind: top snaps securely together while side clips make shaking safe and easy. The handy carry bag is insulated and collapsible to pack away nicely! Don’t forget utensils—this set includes a portable cutlery set made from ABS plastic which conveniently stores inside one container when not being used.


Keeping Food Warm for 4-6 Hours,

Two BPA-Free Food Containers

, A Lunch Bag,

A Portable Cutlery Set,

Smart Diet,

Weight Control

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3. Thermos Lunch Cooler and King Stainless Bottle Combination Set, Black

Keep your food at safe and delicious temperatures for 5 or 7 hours, all without depending on refrigeration. The Thermos Lunch Cooler and King Stainless Bottle Combination Set features a tight-sealing stopper to prevent potential leaks and maximum portability in an attractive thermo lunch cooler with roomy interior and exterior pockets. Its BPA-free surface will be easy on the earth too. Innovators of time-saving lunch solutions, Thermos brings their expertise to the thermos market with innovative portability and ease. Now you can dine on disposable foods as long as they’re in this sturdy container!

Whether your sustenance comes from a restaurant or grocery store, never again worry about going hungry thanks to our revolutionary bottle set! Enjoy a satisfying meal no matter where life takes you today – school, work, camping trip!–with only your sleek stainless bottles by your side. And if it’s cold food that’s more up your alley? The included cooler bag will do the trick for 7 hours so all you have to do is relax and enjoy every bite of leftovers tomorrow. It’s made to last, with thick walls and tight seals.

You don’t want leaky food juice on your clothes or running down the back of your chair! That’s why this bottle has a stopper to prevent any leaks, while it holds more than you need for one meal. For maximum portability, there is also an easy carry handle that makes carrying this around in your car or even on public transport easier. Comes with Thermos™ technology that ensures you enjoy hot foods at 145 / 65 up to 5 hours after preparation OR cold foods at 41°F/5°C for 7 hours after preparation.



keeps food hot for 5 hours or cold for 7 hours


stopper to prevent leaks

maximum portability

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4. THERMOS FUNTAINER 10 Ounce Stainless Steel 

Brighten up lunchtime with the THERMOS FUNTAINER. Designed for little hands to open and close, this insulated food jar has a folding spoon that never needs to be removed from the outside. The silicone straw provides a no-spill drink experience that’s perfect on the go or at home. Totally leakproof, vacuum insulation keeps hot foods hot and cold foods cold for hours longer than an ordinary container will keep them fresh .

Never worry about your kids forgetting to fill up on lunch again. This food jar is sleek, durable wine stainless steel with BPA-free plastic that stays cold for hours. The vacuum seal ensures they stay fresh until it’s time for them to eat their meal anywhere! Or give an ice pack as a perfect stocking stuffer next Christmas. There’s nothing like a Thermos to keep you warm during those snowy days. I have loved this Thermos for many years and it shows, as it is still going strong after all these winters!

It stands tall at 7 inches tall and holds up to 10 ounces of hot or cold beverages so everyone can share in the joys of this product. Have a long day ahead but don’t want to pack your lunch? Are thermal bags not enough? Not an issue – keep your food fresh with THERMOS containers that preserve temperature for good reasons: conservation, taste, aroma, and texture alike. Featuring the latest in thermos technology, they make this thermos of durable stainless steel with two-layer insulation that keeps maximum temperature retention without taking up too much space. Perfect for toting your favorite beverage hot or cold, the THERMOS FUNTAINER will keep it nice and warm up to 5 hours or the ice cool for 7.


maximum temperature retention, hot or cold

5 hours and cold for up to 7 hours


5. Thermos Lunch Lugger Cooler and Beverage Bottle Combination Set

You’ll finally be able to grab that late-night hotdog after work thanks to this revolutionary Thermos container. It has the ability, no matter what time of day, to keep your food fresh and piping hot for up to five hours so you never have to deal with cold but thole ever again. Not only is it great for keeping your lunch heated on your way home or dinner waiting until dinnertime, but it also comes equipped with a 10-ounce beverage bottle so you can fill up at any water fountain without having to suffer through those notoriously long lines at the checkout.

The combination set comprises an 18/8 steel thermos and 10 oz insulated stainless steel thermal travel tumbler which makes it perfect if you live, You’ll be the envy of all your coworkers with this innovative lunch-lugged cooler and beverage bottle combination set. After a hard day of work, you deserve to eat your lunch in peace and stay hydrated on the go. The thermos’ maximum temperature retention is for up to 5 hours when used as both a hot or cold storage option – where else will you find so many gadgets in one place?

Plus, with an exterior constructed from BPA-free Eastman, it’s never been easier to stay healthy while protecting yourself at the same time. All this wonderful engineering will fit nicely into any cup-holder with their 10-ounce capacity that can keep food fresh for up to 7 hours,


maximum temperature retention, hot or cold

5 hours and cold for up to 7 hours


BPA-free Eastman

maximum portability

10-ounce capacity


6. A2S Complete Meal Prep Lunch Box 

Save time and money with this complete meal prep lunchbox that includes everything you need to pack a healthy lunch. Pack it up, throw it in your backpack, and hit the road without having to worry about your food getting crushed or smashed! We made the A2S Complete Meal Prep Lunch Box from high-quality materials to ensure safe insulation for up to 12 hours no matter what type of weather mother nature throws at you. This set has all the tools needed for a complete day:

3 main compartments, 2 ice gel packs (cooler), a built-in fork and spoon, and a thermos cup (12oz). Fulfill the need to cook for lunch & work out while at home with this complete meal prep solution! This set comes equipped with an eight-piece coolers bag, three portion control bento lunch containers, two ice gore packs, one thermos, and a fork and spoon. Stay healthy forgetting nothing even when on the go.


8 Pcs Set Cooler Bag

3x Portion Control Bento Lunch Containers


3 Compartments

Microwavable BPA Free –

Fork & Spoon –

Thermos – 2x Ice Gel

Conclusion paragraph:

If you’re looking for a lunch box to keep your food hot, then the Thermos Foggo Stainless Steel Food Jar is an excellent choice. It’s BPA-free and vacuum insulated so it will maintain heat or cold well, which ensures that your meals stay fresh even when they don’t get eaten until later in the day. They can use the jar with both hot and cold foods alike, making this one of the most versatile options on our list.