Lovers Are Always Alive ( A True Love Story)

Lovers are always alive, I still don’t understand where people find time for hatred, Sana 


Lovers Are Always Alive


Govt launches nationwide campaign to promote love, peace, and brotherhood under its auspices: Lollywood star


Lollywood star Sana has said that those who share the love are always alive, I still do not understand why people take time for hatred.


Sana Nawaz


Talking privately, the actress said that it is true that people are suffering from depression due to social and economic problems but hating and quarreling with someone does not solve the problems one should face difficult situations with courage.


Lovers Are Always Alive


“Under his patronage, the government should launch a nationwide campaign to promote love, peace, and brotherhood, and I assure you that all artists will play their part,” he said. 


Lovers Are Always Alive

“Last year was a year of success for me and I strongly hope that the new year will also bring a lot of happiness for me,” he said in response to a question. I plan to continue my success.