How to Clean Pottery Barn Lunch Box

The lunch box has been a staple of the elementary school goer since before we can remember. What is it about this simple brown paper bag that makes us so nostalgic? Is it how our parents packed them with love or is it just because they were the only thing to look forward to at lunchtime? Whatever your reason for being attached to them, there are plenty of ways you can clean pottery barn lunch boxes that will have you reminiscing in no time. 


Clean Pottery Barn Lunch Box Throw it in the Washing Machine

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I have to admit that I was a little skeptical when my daughter told me she wanted to wash her pottery barn lunch box in the washing machine. But, after looking at it for several months with smudges all over it and not being able to get them off, I decided what could possibly go wrong?

Well, nothing! It worked beautifully. Not only did it clean up perfectly but there wasn’t any damage or rusting either. The best part is that now we know exactly how to clean these types of lunch boxes if they need this treatment again which hopefully will be never. Following some simple steps will allow you to clean your pottery barn kids lunchbox and make sure it lasts as long as possible! 

This article will teach you everything about cleaning a Pottery Barn Kids Lunch Box inside and out. You’ll learn which parts are dishwasher safe or able to go in the washing machine along with other helpful tips on how best to keep them looking brand new

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Clean pottery barn lunch box Hand Wash Stains

 Every time I go to clean my lunch box, it seems as though the stains from last week are still there. The food has dried up and stuck to the inside of the pottery barn kids lunchbox that I have been using for years. It is a hard thing to do but also hard on my hands because of how tough it is trying to get off all those residual stains.

Luckily, after some research online about cleaning out these types of things, I found an easy solution that works great at getting rid of all those old residues on my pottery barn kids lunchbox. Now everytime I wash it out with hot soapy water and leave it overnight in baking soda, they come right off. But there are times when those stains will not come off no matter how hard we try. That’s why I put together this list of ways to clean a pottery barn kids lunch box that really works! Read on for some great tips.


Clean pottery barn lunch box Opt for an Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solution

By now, many people are aware of the harmful chemicals in the cleaning products they use around their home. The one thing that seems to be most worrisome is how these chemicals affect children when they ingest them or inhale them during regular household chores. If you have kids, you know all too well what it’s like to have a child come running in from doing dishes with an opened bottle of bleach in hand asking where he can put his new toy car.

With so much information on dangerous cleaning ingredients out there today, it is no wonder that parents are searching for eco-friendly alternatives at any cost. That means keeping them away from germs and bacteria that can make them sick. One of the easiest ways to do this is by having a clean lunch box when they go back to school after the summer break! Here are some tips for how you can easily disinfect their lunch boxes without using harsh chemicals that may be harmful to your child’s health.