How to clean Insulated Lunch Bags/boxes? (Odour Removing 2022)

Preparing lunch for school-going kids and office-going husband is itself a daunting task; however, keeping lunch bags clean demands sweaty efforts as well. As we know that all moms packed lunch bags neatly, but the moist meal, somehow, happens to spill and leak in the bag that makes these bags dirty and smelly. The following tricks will help you to keep clean the lunch bag without wasting too much time and energy. Let’s check all the tricks one by one;

How to clean insulated lunch bags and boxes?

Keeping one of the most common problems of moms and housewives, we have come with the following amazing solutions that can save your time and energy.

Machine Wash:

Obviously, the Machine wash method is only for lunch bags. You can’t clean lunchboxes in a washing machine. What you will have to do for the machine wash will be elaborated in the below-mentioned steps.

  • Check the quality of the lunch bag’s material and read the manual guide provided by the manufacturer.
  • Having analyzed the material and manual guide, remove food items and remaining from the bag.
  • Now dip the lunch bag into the cold water in the washing machine.
  • Add some mild detergent of your choice
  • Give a gentle cycle to the bag

Take the bag out after completing the cycle. Having taken it out, air dry is the best way to dry the bag in no time. However, you can dry it under the sun. Although sun-drying takes longer to dry, it is a reliable method.

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Hand Wash:

Unlike the above method, this method gives you a detailed cleaning process without getting damaged in your lunch bag or box. Amazingly, the following can be applied to both; lunch bags and lunch boxes. Let’s check how to clean lunch bags by hand?

  • Take a bowl and pour lukewarm water into it
  • Add half a teaspoon of dish soap of your choice
  • Now clean the lunch bag/box’s interior and exterior by dipping a sponge in the lukewarm solution
  • Now soak the lunch bag/box in the solution of water and baking soda for 20 minutes.
  • You can use the toothbrush to clean the areas where it is hard to clean with hands.
  • Rinse the lunch bag or box completely
  • Use any antibacterial wipes for cleaning and deodorizing
  • Dry the bag or box by putting it on a drying rack

Note: Always check the manual guide before cleaning the bag o box and following the instructions strictly.

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Dishwasher clean

The last method is quite easy if the manufacturer allows to wash the lunch bag/box in the dishwasher. Therefore, check either the bag or box is dishwasher safe or not. If it’s safe to wash in the dishwasher, just put the bag/box in the upper rack of the dishwasher and leave all the cleaning tasks on a dishwasher.


We have tried to describe all the steps in detail to clean an insulated lunch bag or a box; thereby, you can serve healthy and clean food to your school-going kids. Hence, by following the cleaning method described above, keep clean the kid’s lunch boxes clean. If you have any other suggestions related to cleaning please do write in the comment section. Thank you, stay blessed.

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