How to Carry Water while Running? (04 brilliant ideas)

No matter how much you plan for your run, there is always the possibility that you’ll need to stop and drink some water. This is especially true if it’s hot outside or if the terrain is difficult. The problem with this scenario is that running while holding a water bottle can be very awkward. There are plenty of ways to carry your water though! In this blog post we will discuss different methods of carrying water and also which ones are best for certain types of runners.

If you’re running a race or going on an adventure and need to fill up your water bottle, there is no need to stop the action. Running with a water bottle is easy when you know how! Learn tricks for carrying water while running by reading this blog post.

1- Handheld Water bottles :

Summer weather is coming, and if you are anything like me, you will be spending a lot of time outside running!  Whether it’s on the track or in the woods, carrying water can be difficult. You need to find a way to carry your bottle with one hand while still being able to run. The easiest solution? A handheld water bottle! These small bottles have straps that fit around your wrist so you can easily hold them with just one hand. No more spilling water all over yourself when trying to run!  Happy summer running everyone!

2- Hydration Packs or Waists:

If you are reading this blog post, chances are that you are a runner. Running is an excellent way to get in shape and keep your heart healthy. Unfortunately, running can lead to dehydration if the body does not have enough water on hand to replace what it loses through sweat.

To prevent dehydration while running, many runners use waist packs or hydration belts. They store water bottles with their favorite sports drink mix inside them and wear them around their waists or across their chests so they will be within easy reach during the run.

A recent study found that when people wore a hydration belt for 2 hours before exercising they consumed more fluids than those who did not use one! So make sure you have a hydration belt ready for next time you go.


Running is one of the most popular fitness activities. Most people don’t consider how important it is to stay hydrated while running, but they should! I always make sure that my water bottle is easily accessible so that I never forget to take a drink. My favorites are vest packs and backpacks because they are hands-free and keep me from fumbling with my phone or keys when I need them.

4- Thigh holsters to stay hydrated while running:

Thigh holsters are a great way to stay hydrated while running. They’re lightweight and easy to use, with plenty of options for carrying your water bottle.  Some people like wearing them on the outside of their clothes so that they can easily access it at any time during their run. Other people prefer to wear them inside their clothes so that it doesn’t bounce around or rub against anything when you move around. There’s no right or wrong way!  So what do you think? Do thigh holsters sound like something you might be interested in trying?


You can carry water in a variety of ways while running, but consider how you plan to use the water before deciding.  If your goal is hydration only, then our number one suggestion would be carrying a handheld bottle with you and taking sips as needed. Maybe you want some electrolytes mixed into your drink? In that case we recommend adding salt or sugar packets to your bottle for an easy-to-make DIY sports drink!

And if it’s just pure drinking time, then add ice cubes and mix up fruit juice or milk until they’re slushy cold. With so many options available when it comes to carrying water during runs, make sure you find what works best for you!

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