Cute Teenage Girl Lunch Boxes 2022 (Update Product Reviews)

Do you have a daughter, sister, niece or friend that is turning 14? If so then it’s time to think about what she’ll need for her first year in high school.  Not only will she need the basics like clothes and shoes but also things like a backpack and lunch box.

One of the most important factors in picking out her lunch box is making sure that it matches her personality. It should be something that reflects who she is as an individual while being trendy enough to keep up with all of the other kids at school!  The best way to find out which style would work best for your girl is to do research rigorously online. 

Here, we are with a list of cute teenage girl lunch boxes that will spice up the boring lunches at school and college. So, let’s get started;

If you’re looking for a gift for your daughter, granddaughter, or someone else who is in that “tween” age range then this post is perfect. It includes not only the lunch boxes themselves but also some accessories like containers and utensils to go with them! 

So, if you want to surprise her with something she’ll be excited about then take a look at these cute options. She’s sure to love it!

1- Newgem Cute Insulated Thermal Lunch Bag

Food storage can be a hassle, and what’s worse is when it overheats in the car. The Newgem Cute Insulated Thermal Lunch Bag is here to help with its sturdy construction, non-toxic materials, and linen fabric exterior.

It includes a safe plastic lining that protects your food from chemicals used in any other lunch bag on the market! Use this new thermal insulated bag for work or school today and never have to worry about spilt milk again.

Mummy Approved!

Let me ask another question, how many times have you gone to pack your lunch and realized the bag, box, or container has melted? Beaten up? Fallen apart? With the Newgem Cute Insulated Thermal Lunch Bag all of those problems are solved.

You can confidently take this with you into any environment without worrying about leakage or messes because it’s secured with a tight zip seal. It also keeps things cold for over five hours which is perfect for quick lunches at school where they often serve food that’s been sitting out for far too long!



2- Bentgo Salad - Stackable Lunch Box

Surprisingly deep for such a compact design, the Bentgo Salad will let you pack just about any meal! Pack more of your healthy green salads with the spacious 54-ounce salad bowl. The four compartments in the tray are great for separating your lunch from fruit or snacks.

Throw that polka dot dress away– this container can take your meals anywhere and should be able to fit into most overpacks without rants on either side. Built-in reusable fork, dishwasher safe, BPA-free and airtight lid make this Bentgo perfect for packing lunches and ultralight hikers alike!

These Bentgo Salad – Stackable Lunch Boxes, are made with convenience in mind. And the durable construction promises these will last for years to come! They have an easy-to-clean interior and are microwavable safe. Now you can enjoy a healthier lifestyle without sacrificing convenience when it comes to lunchtime time!

Note: This lunch is available in 6 different bright colors. 



3-homespon Cute Lunch Box Insulated Lunch Bag

With so many lunch boxes to choose from, it’s tempting just to throw in your old ones and buy the best they carry. But think about this: not all lunch bags are equally waterproof or stylish. They are made up of different materials that affect the food inside too! It is more important than you might have thought before.

Enter homespun Cute Lunch Box Insulated Lunch Bag to save your morning hassle! It’s been giving out 7 compartments for different types of food storage for a long time. More amazingly, what you will get with the package here, spoon, one chopstick, a container bag and lunch bag.

 This means no more worrying about carrying disposable cutlery – nor will your meal suffer anymore when exposed on public transit while traveling off-site during lunchtime.

This is the cutest lunch box. Hides easily in your bag and keeps the food fresh for hours! 

I love these containers because there are some for veggies, fruits, a sandwich or healthier options such as nuts. It’s perfect to take on the go with all the different sizes of containers. The silicone seal ring comes in handy too- it screws onto one container to keep everything together without any mess! I also like that you can get rid of food if it needs to be refrigerated right away instead of at home: saves time and money!

One thing I would mention about this lunchbox is that you need to make sure not to put it into microwave or dishwasher so make sure there isn’t anything cold inside when microwaving



4- Simple Modern Adult Lunch Bag

We all want to stay healthy, so this lunch bag will make it easy for you. The high-quality polyester is triple insulated and there’s only one compartment to keep your food fresh. It’s got a durable zipper that won’t break or splinter when you’re zipping and unzipping the whole time!

This lunch bag is more than just a container to carry your food. It has an adjustable strap for ease of transport, and exterior zipper-closure pocket which lets you safely secure any valuables that you might have carried with you in addition to food.

The interior mesh zipper-closure pocket keeps your extra food item separate from the outer compartment of the bag, ensuring they won’t mess anything inside! Finally, this high quality product features reinforced handles so you can trust that it shouldn’t tear or break easily while loading it with healthy lunch food. 

The SIMPLE MODERN® Adult Lunch Bag doesn’t take up too much room in your luggage, either. Its slim design holds up to eight cans of a favorite beverage (or baby carrots). They are available in different shades as well, so pick whichever better matches your style! Buy today and never go hungry again with our products. 



5- Hydro Flask Lightweight Collapsible 8 L Lunch Tote

The Hydro Flask Lightweight Collapsible 8L Lunch Tote is the perfect size for traveling. Don’t worry about bringing a bulky cooler or ice pack because this genius invention features insulated properties, keeping your food warm or cold for up to 5 hours.

You’ll always be prepared with this durable and lightweight bag – it folds down in seconds! It’s also chic and decent looking with no zippers needed! This product can keep things cool all day, whether you’re packing into work or taking a midday hike.

Sporting around an 8-liter capacity, the durable material tailoring will withstand even your toughest days on the trail. With its high-grade insulation that keeps ice from melting when filled with as much water as one person consumes per day.

The Hydro Flask Lightweight Collapsible 8 L Lunch Tote is an awesome product. They’re super easy to carry with it’s handle, perfect for school or work and great as a gift idea too! The down side though (which isn’t really much of a drawback since they are so cheap) is that these handy tote bags have such a low affordability factor. All in all, I think it still deserves a 5-star rating though.

What’s not to love about this lunch bag? The collapsible design makes carrying your prized possessions effortless while looking trendy thanks to the color options available including blue, white and pink!




So, are you looking for the perfect cute teenage girl lunch boxes to take with you on your next adventure? If so, we hope that this blog post has given you some great ideas. Who knows what adventures await!

However, if none of these have been a good fit for you or if there is another lunch box out there that holds a special place in your heart, let us know and we’d be happy to find it for our inventory. Have fun exploring all the options available!

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