Top 07 Best Lunch Box for Toddlers

Its lunch time and the kids are hungry. You’ve packed their lunches, but there is no time to eat because you’re too busy at work. The only thing that can be done is to send them off with a healthy lunch in hand. What should you pack? Is it better for them to have something light or heavy? Should they have an apple or some chips?

It seems like it might be hard to know what the best lunch box for toddlers would be. However, if you want a child to have a good day after being so hungry all morning, there are some things that need not be forgotten when packing their lunch.

The best lunch box for toddlers is a question that everyone has. There are a lot of options out there and it can be hard to decide which one is the best. This blog post will give you some ideas on what to look for in a lunch box that would work great for this toddler.

01-Dinosaur Bento Box for Boys Girls Toddlers

It’s time for lunch. A full plate of cottage cheese, sliced carrots and pears, macaroni and peas is all prepped so kids can sit down with their friends at the table to eat with no fussing or fighting! One child grabs a bite of veggies while another reaches for bread slathered in cream cheese that the mom has cubed into toddler-friendly squares just seconds ago.

The best part? It can all be strawberry shaped using this advanced dinosaur bento box with 5 divided compartments.

Kids are sure to love eating these delicious sandwiches on this  fun green dinosaur’s background. And it even comes with spoons in case there are any leftovers! Reusable lunch boxes make packing lunches easy with different colors.

This awesome Dino Bento Lunch Box is perfect for all kids. Made with durable, leak-resistant containers, this lunch box will soon be the envy of every kid on this block. Filled with nutritious and delicious foods like chicken strips, raisin bread sticks, cheese balls, carrot coins shelled egg halves and cucumber spears; anything can happen when they see how awesome this cool dino bento box is. Is this little one obsessed with dinosaurs?

Do they need something cool to bring their lunch in? Say no more! The Jurassic World Bento Box features a unique dinosaur pattern and is perfect for storing snacks, fruit, veggies, Sippy cups – you name it. This container is compact enough that it doesn’t occupy too much space in the lunch bag or backpack. It’s leak resistant so worry-free traveling! And best of all, this bento box comes with an adorable cutting board set that can be snapped on the side so this child always has everything needed for fruits and veggies cut up right at their fingertips.

A full-sized T-Rex bento box for kids! With three different compartments filled with healthy, kiddie-friendly goodies from pepperoni pizza bites to grapes and graham crackers, this mealtime accessory will keep this little one satisfied long enough for you drive them back home after you refused mommy duties yet again because she was out of diapers or something equally important.



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02- Bentgo 2-in-1 Backpack & Insulated Lunch Bag

There are all kinds of lunch bags out there, but none that pack this much style. With Bent go 2-in-1 Lunch Bag & Backpack’s sleek print in Kids designs and easy to clean leak-proof technology, this little girl will be the coolest in her class! The insulated compartments keep food chilled for this on end with well thought out nooks and crannies for extra storage compartments like this plates (no more pizza everywhere!) or utensils you’ll need for tomorrow’s picnic.

Last but not least–two mesh cup holders up top make it easy to sneak extras like yogurt packs when they’re about to melt away or cool water.

All that plus a carrying strap makes loading up hassle free. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to pack all of this healthy lunches in one easy-to-carry bag that also kept the food fresh? Enter Bent go. This lunch box features roomy compartments, leak proof technology shaped like bento boxes, and stylish backpacks!

Let’s not forget the ice packs for my favorite fruit – they’ll keep everything cold until I eat it. One more thing about this great bag: kids love them too! They come with cool prints designed by cool kids.

It’s time to get rid of that old lunch bag and upgrade with Bent go 2-in-1 Backpack & Insulated Lunch Bag! This fashionable, eco-friendly bag comes with two side zippered compartments perfect for snacks, iced tea bottles or water. The main compartment is large enough to store a container food such as soup so you can still enjoy meals when away from home.

Straps on the top allow you to attach this bag onto this shoulder while protecting hands by keeping them in the convenient side pockets.

The nylon pack also features this different reusable ice packs made just for Bent go containers: they’re lightweight and freezer safe, meaning they’ll stay colder longer than standard gel packs.



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03- Guzzini Zero Chilled Salad Lunch Box

You’ll be hungry and thirsty for more when it comes to the Guzzini Zero Chilled Salad Lunch Box. The size is small, but not its return on investment. This product packs a big punch in such a little package making it easy take with you anywhere.

It’s got many uses like an emergency cooler-pack or even as a seat (when empty) at outdoor concerts and parks because you never know if there will be seating available!

Plus we’re throwing in 2 distinct styles: Chilled and ambient to keep this favorite foods crisp and cold without any hassle of ice packs or risk of power outages ruining all this hard work.

Good for fancy and sophisticated people, this durable salad box comes in two different styles: chilled and ambient. The material is sleek plastic with a stylish pattern that’s designed to work as art on this desk. It has room to store six cups of fresh-cut vegetables (which you can change out), an ice pack, moist towel or napkin, utensils, and dressing packs so all of this favorite ingredients are together when you want those most.

Keep it cool or kick back with a chilled lunch wherever you are!

This stylish little lunch box is perfect for packing healthy lunches wherever this day takes you. Durable, stainless steel outer shell and inner container keep cold items cold for up to 12 this, but the easy-sliding latch is freezer safe too! Choose from 2 versions: ambient (ready to eat), or chilled (needs 3 this in the refrigerator.



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04- Cute Insulated Lunch Box for Toddler & Kids

Are you sick of kids always wanting to put their detritus from the playground in every container possible? Have they been raiding the refrigerator for leftovers without putting them back? Well, now it’s time for an organizing makeover. Introducing this newest product designed specifically for children.

In a world where children have too much access to technology and not enough physical activity, we want them to live a healthier lifestyle through creativity and playing outside with friends. We realize that many other products on the market do not appeal as much to young kids but this does! Plus this is independently tested so durability has never been a problem

Fill up this lunch box quickly because these are rolling off the shelves faster than expected. This 3 compartment lunch box for children is perfect to take this kids back and forth from school. It has sufficient space so they won’t go hungry, while maintaining the right size for their little hands. The stylish design will catch all of their friends’ eyes when it’s time for snack time–the convenient carry handle makes sure that these young ones stay happy no matter where life takes them.

When this little sweetie is heading out the door for school, make sure they have their favorite lunch in tow. This kid will love showing off this cool striped sequin insulated lunch bag to their friends when it’s time to pack up at daycare or school! The inside features a colorful design of hearts and flowers. Pack them up with snacks when you’re on-the out too!

Great gift for kids who loves unicorn dinosaur space and flip sequins. It is a wonderful gift choice for Back to school, Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, Birthday and so on.

This lunchbox is made with non-toxic materials and has durable zippers for little hands. With adorable design, this children will love carrying this creative product from day to day. Kids love this sandwich keeper because it’s big enough for the whole school day yet small enough to carry in a book bag.



05- Pre-School Kid Daycare Snack Container

It makes no sense for you to put your favorite snacks in a boring lunch container. You deserve better than that. Give them this dinosaur bento box and their school day will take on new meaning! Kids want to be kids, let them indulge and enjoy themselves by bringing fun (and nutritious) food for snack time at school with these cool dinosaur themed containers!

They won’t even realize they’re making smart choices until health becomes the norm.

It’s back to the land of dinosaurs, T-Rexes and other ancient creatures for this fun kid’s bento box. Fun colors and a creative design make this a great gift idea or purchase you can feel good about giving this kid.

Make a dinosaur bento lunch box extra special for this little one with the new small Bento Box that fits into almost any backpack or handheld carrying case. This set includes a 5-Bowl Macro Lunch Container, 2 Snap-On Lids and One Removable Tray which is perfect to fill with healthy, fresh foods like homemade chicken salad sandwiches, tabbouleh salad cups, quinoa couscous stuffed tomatoes (and much more!).

The perfect size containers mean this kid can enjoy their meal on this cute little tablecloth holder without getting too messy! The five special compartments make it perfect for kids who are transitioning from preschool to an actual kid’s daycare preschool because they will know exactly what flavors are in each section.

When lunchtime is a ruckus and the ground shakes, it’s time to grab this Dinosaur Bento Lunch Box! The all-in-one set that includes a leak resistant container and compact bento tips eBook makes packing lunches that much easier. Load up on these favorite foods, then use the dinosaur design to get creative.

Whether you want to make something savory like sausage and cheese or something sweet like cookies for dessert, this insulated box has this back. With five different colors of dinosaurs (green, blue, purple, pink and orange), any kid will love to pack their own space rocket away from school during snack time with their best friend pal–dinosaur backpack guaranteed.

The first thing that’ll really take the party to the next level is having a DINOSAUR bento lunch box! Now you can have all of those delicious dino-shaped treats as well as other yummy goodies packed away in one adorable package. Well, maybe not literally put them in there but don’t judge because we have loads of great ideas inside the bonus eBook for moms too!

Literally from appetizer to dessert, this themed Bento Lunch Box has it all and none shall be left hungry by its calling to feed.



06- YETI Daytrip Lunch Box, Coral

Tired of having this lunch lost or forgotten? Keep food cool through the day with Yeti’s Daytrip Lunch box that comes in Coral. This cute and compact blue insulated cooler bag features easy to access pockets for all food, water-resistant exterior to protect against leaks, leak-proof liner so everything stays dry inside this pretty purple cozy cooler, and Cold Cell Flex insulation so you’ll never need to worry about ice packs again.

Have endless adventures and enjoy this favorite foods with the sturdy YETI Daytrip Lunch Box.

Keep food fresh, healthy, and exciting for friends or family with a leak-proof liner containing Cold Cell Flex Insulation. The durable exterior provides safekeeping from water and dirt so keep all kinds of good things close by with style. 

YETI’s new Daytrip Lunch Box will give you the food grade container that you need for this busy life. Perfect for packing carbohydrates, proteins, vegetables or sweets into this 20-oz flex insulation lunchbox. Take it on trips with you to keep cold beverages cold all day long. Buy one now before they’re gone.



07- Snack Container - Small Bento Lunch Box

This container is the perfect size for a mini-lunch or snacks at home! It includes 4 break-resistant snap lock containers – two small round containers, one large round container, and an oblong rectangular shape. The high-quality BPA-free plastic makes it leak proof while you enjoy this healthy snack!

And with so many color choices to choose from, there’s no need to settle for just black! What are you waiting for? Fill them up today before this deal runs out.

 This boxed lunch never looked so beautiful with these stackable small bento lunch boxes. Made of food-grade and BPA-free materials, the Kinjo is leak proof and perfect for carrying iced coffee or iced water (for those hot summer days) on the go! The 2oz size is also great for snacks like nuts, trail mix bars, and more! Order today and fill this world with happiness.

This is the perfect go-to, chock-full of snacks, for any on-the-go occasion! Use it to pack this favorite fruits and veggies in one easy container! No more juggling unhealthy fast food or expensive convenience store fare—this Snack Container will help you enjoy clean eating that’s good for the environment.

This trendy lunch box is perfect for this little one! Easily divide the container into six compartments, which means you can pack this bento with snacks that are 120 kCals or less. Then tuck it in their backpack and ensure they’re prepared to go the entire day without needing any unhealthy junk food! Plenty of extra space to keep silverware tucked away too.




It’s time to find the best lunch box for a toddler. Whether you’re looking for a simple bento-style option or something with more compartments, we’ve got it all here! We know that finding the right size and style can be difficult sometimes – but not anymore. Here are some of the favorite picks, including many options that would make great gifts as well. So take a look around this site today and let us help you decide on what will work best for little one this year.

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