Best Lunch Box for Kindergarten (Pre-school kids 2022)

COVID-19 might affect daily routine of moms; however, the thing that never goes to be changed is to prepare lunch for school-going kids. Starting kindergarten for a child might be the happiest day for his parents. So, packing lunch that could make your kid joyful at lunchtime is the task to think about first. By typing “lunch ideas for kindergarten”, you will be flooded with hundreds of lunch ideas. However, finding the best lunch box for kindergarten is the point to ponder.

The market is full of lunch boxes; nevertheless, which will be the best-fitted for your kids is the point to be cleared. Here we will make your task easier by suggesting you top 05 kids lunch boxes that allow you to pack a variety of foods without getting them cold over time. Let’s get started with our top pick.

We analyzed all the features of the following lunch boxes that can give ease to your kids without getting the food’s taste ruined. Having checked the features (weight, how easy to clean, no of the compartment, quality of insulation, material quality, waterproof, and how easy to open), we have enlisted the following five lunch boxes for kids.

Sr. NoNamePrice
1Bentgo Kids Children’s Lunch Box – BentoCheck Price
2PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag with Zip ClosureCheck Price
3Meillen Kids Bento Lunch Box, Insulated Cooler Bag & Water BottleCheck Price
4YETI Hopper Flip Portable CoolerCheck Price
5 Yodo Kids Insulated Lunch Tote Bag with Name TagCheck Price

1- Bentgo Kids Children's Lunch Box - Bento

You will find Bentgo, lunch box’s brands, in the first row, whenever you are about to buy a lunch box for pre-school kids. Bentgo provides all types of box; doesn’t matter, either you’re a professional or a student.  

For a couple of reasons, the reviewed lunch box can be the perfect box for you. The very first reason to choose it for review is that it is well-portioned. There are 5 compartments of different sizes which are perfectly fine to pack veggies, proteins, fruits, and snacks.

Apart from compartments, the lunch box is built from sturdy yet durable plastic. The box won’t get damaged dropping from a height. Thanks to its rubber-coated edges that will protect the body from getting damaged.

The latches on the lid will never put your kids in difficulty and can be opened easily with small hands.

One more thing that you should bear in mind; just because of the easy opening of the latch, don’t consider it more prone to leakage. Special design and leak-proof technology keep the meal hot and never let the meal mix and create a mess.

The lunch box material is dishwasher and oven safe. Amazingly, the under-reviewed box comes in three different colors; so, choose according to your wish.

Lastly, lightweight and compact design with spacious interior make it highly portable and it’s easy for kids to carry it.



Final Verdict:

With 3 eye-catching colors, the Bentgo box can be a source of fun at lunchtime in kindergarten. You can pack a variety of meals in different compartments of the lunch box. 

2- PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag with Zip Closure

For freezable meal items, PackIt lunch bags’ brand is ideal. We can say, undoubtedly, Packit is one of the best brands to store meal items that need a lower temperature to sustain. Let’s have a look at our second top pick on the list.  

The inner portion of the bag is adorned with a non-toxic gel liner that can keep food cooler for 6 to 7 hours. Freeze the bag in a refrigerator before 12 hours of packing the food. Having frozen the collapsible bag for 12 hours in a refrigerator, you can pack any food that you want to keep cooler for longer.

Well, the empty bag can be folded to freeze; thereby, it takes small space in a mini fridge to store.

The compact size with spacious interior and a buckle hand on the back will let your kids transport it anywhere. Moreover, easy top closure zip never allows heat to dissipate and helps to keep the food cooler for longer. Furthermore, the ziplock is easy to open and close for kids.

Easy to clean, easy to store and lightweight are the features that make this lunch bag desirable for moms.



Final Verdict:

The Packit lunch bag is ideal for those moms who want to pack a salad, beverages, and different veggies for kids’ lunch. If you are also among those moms, you can buy this bag without getting worried about the quality of the bag. 

3- Meillen Kids Bento Lunch Box, Insulated Cooler Bag & Water Bottle

Like the Bentgo box, reviewed above, Meillen bento box with an attractive compartment design is here to get your attention.

The main compartment of the Bento lunch box is further divided into 4 different-sized portions. All 4 portions allow you to pack different types of foods without getting them mixed. The interior design of the lid never lets the liquid item leak and your bento box will be away from mess until lunchtime. Pack whatever you want; either it is sandwich, veggies, snack, or fruits.

The insulating material and tightly closed lid are the features that never allow the heat to come out. Therefore, the packed meal will be fresh and warm until lunchtime.

Most amazingly, the packages include a lunch bag and water bottle. The lunch bag protects the box from getting scratched/damaged. Moreover, the water bottle prevents your kid from getting dehydrated. See, how perfect this package is, offered by Meillen.

Lastly, let’s have a look at its design. The attractive design and eye-catching colors of available lunchboxes encourage your kids to enjoy lunch. Moreover, the BPA-free material of the box provides healthier food.



Final Verdict:

A perfectly designed lunch box can be a source of joy for your kids at lunchtime in Kindergarten. Moreover, the handle on the bag makes it highly portable. 

4- YETI Hopper Flip Portable Cooler

An innovatively designed HOMEASY  box for kids is here to provide fresh, warm, and healthier food at lunchtime in a Kindergarten. Allow me to reveal all its features without any delay.

The first feature that forces you to buy it instantly is its design. A compact-sized lunch box with a water bottle is specially designed for kids in Kindergarten. By pressing a single button, a kid can easily open the lid of the box. Having opened the lid by pressing the button, the kid will come across a large tray which is another airtight lid of the box.

After removing the airtight lid of the box, the main compartment is portioned into 3. There 3 different-sized portions that allow you to store different types of food. And the large airtight lid never permits the food to mix.

Now come to the water bottle. The water bottle is also included in the package. The color of a water bottle and lunch box is alike. Like the box, the water bottle is also leak-proof and can be open by pressing a single button. Under the lid, there is a V-shape straw for easy drinking.

The material of bottle and box is BPA-free that tends to keep the food fresh and healthier for longer.

Lastly, the lunch box is Dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe.



Final Verdict:

Easy opening, mesmeric design, easy to clean, and compact design are the features that make it the perfect lunch box for your kids. So, if you are looking for a box that meets the demands of your pre-school-going kids, HOMEASY can be the perfect option.

5- Yodo Kids Insulated Lunch Tote Bag with Name Tag

Whatever you want to pack for your Kindergarten going kids, the Yodo lunch bag caters to its best. Let’s check all nuts and bolts of this lunch bag.

The first factor that I would love to share with you guys is its design. The design of this lunch bag will definitely attract your kids. More amazingly, the lunch bag provides a space to write the name of its kid owner.

The spacious interior of the bag can be packed with a lunch box, water bottle, cookies, fruits, and veggies. Therefore, don’t be worried about packing too much content in it. Aside from meal packing, the inside mesh pocket is also there to keep napkins and utensils in the bag safely. 

Aside from spaciousness, the lunch bag gives satisfactory results when it comes to its insulation. The insulated BPA-free material can keep the food warm for 4 hours.

Well-padded handle and smartly built design make it super easy to transport it. Now it’s up to you whether your kids want to carry it in their hands or want to pack it in a school bag.



Final verdict:

The roomy lunch bag is made for kids with a customized name tag. Moreover, its compact size and attractiveness make it perfect for kids.


For all the above-reviewed boxes, we have tried to enlist lunch boxes for kindergarten kids that are attractive in design, durable, and can keep food warm for long. We hope, the recommended lunch boxes won’t disappoint you at any level. If you have any suggestions, please do write in the comment section. Thank you, stay blessed.


What should I pack in my kindergarteners’ lunch?

The answer to this question, in fact, is quite a subjective matter in nature. Every mom wants to pack something different and healthy for kindergarteners. However, every mom is agreed at one point that is healthier food. Therefore, we are going to make a common formula to pack a lunch box for kindergarteners.

  • The main item, it could be a sandwich or something of your choice
  • Snacks of your choice
  • Veggies in one portion
  • Something “Sweet”

Hence, your lunch box must have at least 4 portions; thereby, your kid can enjoy maximum at kindergarten while eating lunch.

What is the best lunch box for kindergarten?

For kindergarteners, a perfect box is one that is attractive in design, durable and drop-proof, leak-proof, and easy to open. Hence, choose your favorite design and color according to your desire. In the enlisted boxes, the Bentgo lunch box is one of the best boxes because of its design, durability, leak and drop-proof, and easy to open latches.

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