Best Japanese Bento Box Reviews 2022

Do you know what the Japanese word “bento” means? It literally translates to “box lunch.” A bento box is a container for food that is usually brought and eaten at home or work, but can also be used while traveling. You may not know this but there are some great bento out on the market today.

The best bento box is perfect for lunch or dinner on the go. They are convenient because you can fill them with your favorite foods. You can also use bento boxes to store leftovers in the fridge without taking up too much space. I’m here to help you find the best Japanese bento box for whatever meal of the day.


Top 07 Best Japanese bento box Reviews 2022

I’m sure you’ve seen them before. Those colorful boxes with food in them that are shaped like animals, cars, or some other shape. They’re called “bento” and they originated in Japan. Bento can be ordered online for delivery or picked up at a store near you. What’s great about Bento is how compact they are- perfect to take to work and eat on your break! Check out our blog post for the best Japanese Bento Boxes around.

1- Premium Adult Bento Box

There are days your work schedule overlaps with other time commitments, or you’re traveling or jammed up at home watching the kids. You need to take lunch but don’t have time to pack it.

Or maybe you’re just too lazy for that?

With The Premium Adult Bento Boxes stackable design, innovative microwave-safe heating compartment, every meal becomes a dinnertime bargain. 

This food container kit is space-saving so you can store them compactly in any available kitchen drawer until ready to use. When you are ready for your next nourishing meal, prep ahead of time with an effortless prospectus action plan provided. If you’re trying to get healthier or just want a convenient way to prepare your own food, then these bento boxes are perfect for you! They come in colors so they can match any outfit and are made with BPA-free materials. These containers are microwave safe, dishwasher safe, and freezer safe. So what are you waiting for? Buy your Premium Adult Bento Box today.

Stress-free meals are now at your fingertips. The Premium Adult Bento Box is the innovative way to keep lunches happy all week. Two stackable containers, one compartment each, combined with two lids to match for an airtight lid tight seal that makes freezer storage a breeze. This stackable lunch box comes in three colors: silver chrome plated steel, gold nickel finish steel and soft pink acrylic plastic for those who want their mealtime to be as bright as they are. (Male) Dude!

You know you need to make healthier eating choices, but after a long day at the office, you just don’t have time for cooking. This is where Bento Boxes come in handy! Wait a minute. Who said that they are only appropriate for kids? Nope, nope. With this premium adult Bento Box from Adult Lifestyle Company LLC., you can enjoy all your favorite foods and never worry about getting sick again. Containers included with one top layer cup containers and one bottom rectangular container so you can mix things up with separate compartments to store meals separately – or not if you choose.



2- Japanese Traditional Rabbit Blossom Bento Box Set

Fill your day with the joy of this floral bento that’s always ready to serve up springtime smiles for you!  The Japanese traditional rabbit blossom design is perfect for salad dressing, toppings, and fruit slice styling.

We’re happy you’re here today because this bento set not only provides all-day snacks and storage benefits but it can also be transitioned into a teapot — just pop on the lid and use it as a container for hot beverages like green tea or coffee! 

Coated in food grade oil and plasticizer free, we know these little buggers will last longer than your average bunnies out there! So don’t fear pesky animals coming to steal away your snack time. The Japanese Traditional Rabbit Blossom Bento Box Set is not your ordinary bento box: it’s much more creative and customizable. Kids will love preparing creative lunches to take with them at school or for a friend, and adults can make bentos too

All the pieces in this set are stackable and made of durable plastic. This modern toy encourages stacking play as well as imaginative storytelling about adventures through the land of flying carrot people. The tradition of bento culture just got a lot more interesting with this traditional 2 tier box set from Japan.

In the past, kids might have been content to pack basically anything available around the house for lunch and be on their merry way — but not anymore — now they can make stacking boxes like these Japanese Rabbit Blossom Bento Box Sets. With an ice ball press and no-microwave, no dishwasher use or hand washing, you never know what your little one is going to stuff in those adorable bunny blossom shaped containers

1) Here are all of our beautiful colorful bits you can use to create your next masterpiece! They’re so pretty, why not try some today? 

2) With our 2 tier bento box set there are no limits on what you can prepare for lunch- throw anything into this



3- OSK Japanese Traditional Rabbit Moon Bento Box Set

Skip the boxed lunches your colleagues are sharing this week and show up to work ready for anything with our OSK Japanese Traditional Moon Rabbit Bento Box Set.

It’s designed with two tiers that fit perfectly into one another like an accordion, but you don’t need to know how to play music in order to take it apart again.

Our packing is convenient; not only does the box nestle snugly in a stylish lunch bag or backpack, but you can also stack multiple boxes atop each other for easy storage when you’re on the go. 

Give your lunchtime new life with the Japanese Traditional Rabbit Moon Bento Box Set! With its perfectly portioned containers and amazing bento box construction, this is no ordinary lunch. It’s got all you need for a new take on an old favorite – perfect for making work feel like snack time or just spoiling yourself with some serious couch-potato tendencies.

Tsukemono (Japanese Pickles) are the standard side dish to any traditional meal, but these little rabbits come with their own set of salty goodness! These crunchy dill cucumbers will spice up your afternoon nicely, but they’re even healthier than they taste!

With an inner lid that keeps air out and prevents condensation inside of your food containers, microwaving is strict. The Japanese old tradition of combining their lunches with creative bento boxes is now available for your meals too. Take this opportunity to be adventurous and load the two-tier, 620ml box filled with rice or noodles, other favorite vegetables and protein choices, then place an inner lid over it before packing it for lunch.

The sturdy design keeps both the food just as delicious as when you first made it long after lunch time – without drying up any juices or flavor (so please use our chopsticks). Handy carrying case included. Lunch time never looked better than this!



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4- INVVNI Japanese Bento Box Adult Lunch Bamboo Container

The Japanese Bento Box is the perfect way to stay healthy and organized. 

With its attractive designs, unique colors, and modern looks this bento box not only patterns your meal planning flow but also keeps you looking fashionable all day long!

Get a matching color each time so that all your clothes will match as well. 

What’s more is being an adult has never been so fun thanks to our BENTOX character lunch boxes— with happy faces on one side and sad faces on the other of these nifty containers they hold an impressive 68 ounces (which equals about three (3) cups!). Kids rejoice too because we offer three separate sizes for their own needs: Happy Faces – 12 oz. 

Let’s face it, you’ve got a packed schedule. You have to squeeze in some time for your commute before the early morning meeting and then there’s that dreadful upcoming performance review. What can a busy grown-up do? Time is not a luxury – but with the INVENI Bento Box where you create ahead of time by packing your delicious food (and forget about spills!). Just think ahead, clean up after yourself, pack up all those tasty things into this bamboo embossed bento box and off you go.

Looking for a way to take your lunch with you without the risk of it spilling all over your car seat? It’s time to get INVENI. Get yourself one (or more!) of these Japanese Bento Box Adult Lunch bamboo containers and pack up peanut butter toast, string cheese, grapes, deli turkey & hummus wrap in one take! The natural bamboo lid is practical and easy to clean – What are you waiting for?



5- AOOSY Japanese Bento Box, Lunch Boxes

How many times have you ruined your lunch by forgetting to take off the plastic lid before dumping it into your lunch bag only to find that pesky little tab sticking out?

No longer will you be searching frantically in vain to find where that darn tab went. AOOSY has a solution – a natural bamboo lid uniquely paired with their bento boxes, which makes packing and carrying your lunch quick and easy. 

The natural bamboo lid is practical and easy to clean as well as being durable enough to last through countless meals on the go or at home. Elevate your lunch and meal times with this awesome Japanese double-layer bento! Bite into the AOOSY for that healthy, satisfying bite. We’ve thoughtfully designed this awesome bento box with plenty of space to fit all your meals in one container without being too bulky or heavy. 

Our experts are just loving these double-layered wood boxes for their excellent insulation properties! Ideal for carrying food separately as four parts, which means you can have four different flavors at any time! The inset two layers also mean there is no need to worry about pesky leaks or messes. Phew, what a relief. AOOSY Bento Lunch Boxes are a great way to pack your lunch, whether you’re going on a picnic, hitting the office, heading to school or hiking! 

Our bento box is sturdy and has separate sections inside that allow you to keep foods from touching each other. With three different sizes from which to choose and sized for kids and adults alike, we have the right size for what you need! AOOSY Japanese bento box is the latest addition to your lunchtime arsenal. This beautifully made eco-friendly adult lunch box will make sure you never have to eat boring food again! Fresh, wholesome fast foods are quick and easy when you don’t even have to pack them yourself;

 let AOOSY do all the work. High quality “adult” options like sushi rolls, California rolls, temaki hand rolls, assorted sashimi pieces and rice balls fill up one compartment of this travel friendly bento box set. 



6- Coccid Bento Box Lunch Box Kit

Whether you’re packing for school or work, Coccid Bento Box Lunch Box Kit is the ultimate lunch kit to get your day started off right!

With 3 compartments- where not only do you have a section for your sandwich and pasta salad but also two sections for snacks- this bento box separates any food groups so that all of your nutrition needs are met.

Additionally, the container is leak proof so oils won’t seep onto other contents. Swap your slow cooker for this bento box kit! You can make a complete meal in just 1 pan with these leak-proof containers. Take it to work, the gym, or the park–no more soggy sandwiches. Kids will have hours of fun stacking their food into different look-alikes because who says healthy has to be boring? It’s dishwasher safe so dish mate is an adjective no more.

Keep your lunch food fresh every day with the Coccid Bento Box! This box is leak-proof, stylish, and microwavable. With the introduction of this product to your routine you won’t have to worry about having soggy or unwanted foods in your week. Made out of durable Styrofoam that resists cracking when heated, this bento box is sustainable for use over time so you’ll never have to replace it again. The premium quality design has a fashion-forward look which keep up with most trends will so don’t hesitate getting one today



7-HSYTEK Japanese Bento Box Lunch

HSYTEK Bento Lunch Boxes were designed for those who have a hard time packing their lunch or balancing both presentation and convenience.

With these individual, stackable containers as well as utensils and nylon strap to seal them tightly, all you have to focus on is enjoyment! In bright pink colors that will surely brighten anyone’s day this container not only offers the perfect size portions but also provides a new way to keep your food fresh with an innovative stacking system

Make lunchtime both fun and healthy with these stackable Japanese bento containers. Box, container, the best of both worlds! Carry your rice (or sandwiches) in one container while carrying sauces (or fruit), chopsticks, and soup in the other. It’s like two for the price of one



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We provide the best Japanese bento boxes for your needs. For a more in-depth look at what we offer, check out our website and see if you find something that suits your individual tastes. From sushi to soup, there is plenty of variety here! The best bento boxes come from a company called Kurashiki.

They have all different sizes and shapes for you to choose from, making it easier than ever to find the perfect one for your needs. Whether you want a traditional-shaped box or something more unique like a heart shape, they’ve got them all! 

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