Best Ice Packs for Lunch Boxes Reviews in 2022

The best ice packs for lunch boxes are ones that can be taken anywhere. For this reason, the most popular type of ice pack is the reusable gel type. These packs are lightweight and easy to store in a lunch box or backpack pocket. The downside of these types of packs is that they don’t last very long usually no more than this ours.

This means that they need to be frequently replaced if you’re packing food in this lunch box overnight or over an extended period of time. There are also disposable ice packs available which come with their own insulated packaging, but they do not offer protection against leaks like some other options on the market today.

When it comes to packing this lunch, one of the most important things is making sure that you keep this food cold and fresh for as long as possible. This can be difficult if you’re not using the right ice packs. With so many options available on the market today, we want to help make this decision a little easier for you by recommending some of this favorites! Keep reading to see what we recommend.

1- Fit & Fresh Cool Coolers Reusable Ice Packs

Bring the Fit & Fresh Cool Coolers with you on this next summer trip for fresh and healthy hydration and to keep food and drinks cold. Packaged in a slim design, these ice packs will make it easy to take them anywhere without wasting space.

 They’re long-lasting, which means they’ll only need one pack per day. These ice packs are made of flexible neoprene, so they’ll fit this to an irregular shape and won’t crack when put under pressure.

It can be either microwaved or boiled for easy reuse time after time, lasting up to 3 years in the freezer. Slip these slim ice packs into this lunch sack or overnight bag and enjoy a cool, filling meal whenever you please. Weighing in at just 10 ounces, the Fit & Fresh Cool Coolers Reusable Ice Packs are perfectly sized to keep things chilled while staying out of the way.

With contoured shapes designed to hug the length of bread or rolled slices of deli meat from all angles, there’s nothing more annoying than a slipping piece of lettuce or crumbly potato chip that plops right off because it can’t get a grip on slippery surfaces. Let this handy product do all the work for you while keeping family members healthy and safe with its FDA-approved material that won’t scratch delicate food containers.

Slim and compact so there’s plenty of room in this bag, these ice packs last way longer than ice cubes. They’re secured with an elastic cord to fit any bottle or can and they never melt for a cold and refreshing feel through the day. Get the ease and convenience of this portable cooling kit without the added waste.

The Fit & Fresh Cool Coolers Reusable Ice Packs serve two functions: refrigerating and as a cold compress. Fill the cooler with water, freeze overnight, remove from freezer before it fully freezes to avoid splitting, place in desired area of body regulating temperature during work or play – see “How to Use”. Portable and reusable ice packs make staying cool easy.



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2- Healthy Packers for Lunch Box - Freezer Packs

It’s a fact that even if you’re not hungry, this hunger level will spike when you smell the food of somebody around you. It’s science! Always make sure to pack something to get through this day with nothing but snacks or a healthy meal from home. Whether it be boring plastic ware and microwaveable meals, companies have been shying away from light-weight products due to complaints of poor quality and durability.

Freezer packs offer a unique way for individuals on-the-go can feel confident in bringing their own fresh foods while also being more environmentally friendly with some thought going into eco-friendly packing materials but beware because some freezer packs just don’t work.

You prep this lunch and put it in the freezer at night to save time. Stuff that French bread into a zip lock bag and then wrap the pack of ice around it so you can take this nice cool sandwich for lunchtime on hot days. Ice Packs for Lunch Boxes, Coolers, or To-Go Bags strap easily onto any container with Velcro straps–tie one around this drink cooler if you know it’ll get warm tomorrow.

 These lunch cooler ice packs maintain a constant 36° F, perfect for those warmer months. Perfect size to be slipped into this pack or pocket and is made with type 1 FDA approved gel that will last up to 12 hours after taking it out of the freezer. Easily expands and contracts as needed and can also be worn around tighter areas like arms and legs.

Reusable time after time, these iced cold inserts stay cool even when they’re not in the freezer so there’s no need for constantly refilling water bottles before class. Great promotional gift idea too. Keep this lunch cool and fresh with these trendy and trendy ice packs for lunch boxes! These innovative, one-of-a-kind freezer packs are slim so they’ll fit in tight spaces.

They also last longer than traditional ice packs so you can enjoy all day chilling without the hassle of constantly replacing them.



3- Cooler Shock Reusable Ice Pack

Cooler Shock reusable ice pack is more than just an excellent precaution, it’s a must-have accessory for any tailgater. These packs are practical and last all day long on one charge. Suddenly you don’t need to spend time on refueling the cooler with ice every few hours, allowing you to spend more time relaxing or prepping this game skills.

Cooler Shock will give you lasting cold relief whether slugging out at the stadium parking lot or on the playing field. Unquestionably strong thanks to its three thickness of elasticized neoprene, this versatile ice pack easily transfers between freezer and activity without leaking.

Say goodbye to bulky ice packs, fur-covered gel packs, and hard sewn freezer spoons. It’s time for the new kid on the block; Cooler Shock Reusable Ice Pack. Made with high-density flexible foam insulation materials that are just as functional as they are fashionable! Leaving this ribcage hollering out “help me!”?

Reach into this lunch bag or cooler and grab a Cooler Shock Reusable Ice Pack. Just 5 seconds in the microwave transforms these long lasting cold freezers into couch/bed side companions for hours of icing relief. They also stretch up to 3 ½ feet wide so you can easily wrap them around anything from an injured knee to sore back muscles or post-surgical dress.

Staying cool is what summer’s all about – so why not do so in style? Take it back to the ice age with Cooler Shock, the reusable freezer pack that’ll go easy on this wallet. They last longer than gel packs because you freeze them up to three times! Fill ‘err up with water, slip it into a zip lock baggie and tuck inside this cooler or lunch bag. This patented design means no messy leaks when you thaw out, just safe time-tested cooling for hours after opening up. And hey, they’re FDA approved too.



4- RTIC Ice Pack refreeze and Reusable Cooler

Bring this RTIC ice pack on the go with you this summer! The perfect way to keep food and refreshments cold long into the day, this reusable cooler ice pack is quick and easy to freeze. You can even fill it up with water after freezing for extra coldness! Take advantage of all-day cool activities knowing you’ll have access to snacks without having to stop every few hours to buy more beer – just abide by these packing rules so this hard work doesn’t get spoiled.

This ice pack utilizes the power of modern science to help you keep this food and drinks cold anywhere, any time. The reusable freezer packs are designed with extra thick insulation that keeps them cool for hours on end – no matter where they’re placed. They come in multiple sizes, so you’re sure to find one that will fit anything from a go-cup to an entire picnic hamper.

Want this iced coffees colder longer? These fashionable ice packs are made of durable outer fabric making them easy to clean any mess or leakages by simply wiping it away without having to worry about damage. Get cooler faster with this precisely engineered product innovation!

RTIC is a solution to staying cool that’s easy and helps you get more from this day. Simply freeze the ice pack, put it in the cooler bag of this choice, and enjoy up to 24 hours of icy refreshment. When it melts, simply rinse under water for next use! Choose from three sizes: small (6”x9” 8oz), medium (10.5″ x 11″ 16 oz.) or large (14″x14″ 24 oz.).

The RTIC Ice Pack is an affordable, re-freezable ice pack that won’t leak so let’s you chill this food and drinks all day. The best part? It snaps right to the outside of whatever you’re carrying, so you’ll always have cold drinks on hand. Leave it in this cooler for up to 24 hours or freeze it if there’s no time limit. They also come in different sizes but they’re super easy to store because they can be folded down flat.



5- Arctic Tundra Series Long Lasting Reusable Ice Pack

The Arctic Ice Tundra Series Long Lasting Reusable Ice Pack has all the features you need for this outdoor adventures! Made with 100% natural composition material, this freezer packs last 3-4 times longer than regular ice. It can be neatly rolled up to fit into a small sandwich baggie and will provide an efficient freezing power that fits perfectly into any lunchbox cooler or backpack pocket.

Leave it in this camp chair before you go fishing, resting on the ground during games of catch, or lay it down under a sore muscle at home to keep cool after a long day of work. The Arctic Ice Tundra Series Long Lasting Reusable Ice Packs are the ultimate in camping, fishing, or tripping on a long trip.

The packs are environmentally friendly with organic composition that will keep this food cool for hours! Be sure to get one of these ice packs today. The Arctic Ice Tundra Series Long Lasting Reusable Ice Pack is perfect for taking on this next wilderness expedition. This patented design compresses water and neoprene together to ensure efficient cooling,

so you never have to worry about these things leaking all over again. Non-toxic and organic materials will also keep this food fresh in the event of a power outage or natural disaster. 

Did you know that 90% of the ocean has never been explored because it’s too deep? Well now you have no excuse, just take an Arctic Ice tundra series long-lasting reusable ice pack with this underwater adventure because they’re dehydrated organic matter. This body feels thirsty but dehydration is killing you.

This funky novelty item will keep this drinks cold for up to 24 hours because DUH who wants lukewarm wine Especially since the payoff is so worth it *chases their tongue around in front of them.



6- Kona Ice Packs Luau Party Pack

Celebrate summer in style with Kona Ice Packs Luau Party Pack. These -4 degree packs are thin, convenient, and perfect for the classroom or office when you want to keep this food fresh, deliveries cool cross country, or dry ice replacement.

     Kona Ice Packs will freeze in just 25 minutes so guests can enjoy their luau party without worries. Bring out plenty of coconuts to drink that Kool-Aid too. Kona Ice Packs are perfect for keeping this food chilled during shipping, or to keep refreshed after a good workout.

Made with water and reusable (-5C) thick freezer packs, Kona will be the best icepack you’ve ever used. And they even freeze in only 25 minutes. The last thing you want to do is let this ice packs go bad, so keep them in excellent shape by freezing these durable Kona Ice Packs Luau Party Pack.

Freezing only takes 25 minutes and will last for up to 10 days at a time! Put one in the lunch box or cooler for kids on a field trip, use them as large storage containers during shipping, freeze one overnight instead of dry ice – the possibilities are endless with these handy creative Kona Ice Packs Luau Party Pack. 

The perfect party pack for any iced-out gathering. It is not just for luaus, but also school lunches programs, long distance shipping and dry ice replacement. Kill two birds with one stone by keeping this freezer stocked with these reusable (-5C) large thin freezers packs that freeze in only 25 minutes.



7- Ice Pack for Lunch Box - Freezer Packs

Keep this lunch intact with these easy to use, freezer free ice packs. The Original Cool Pack is the ultimate slim-line cooler pack for this picnic pleasures. The Freezer Packs are clear so you can see what’s inside and each one is freezer stable for 12 hours! Whether you’re packing a healthy salad or packing an ice cream snack. Make sure to keep that food cold until it reaches this stomach with this set of this Slim Ice Packs. 

The Original Cool Pack just got an upgrade. Instead of slipping into this lunch box or cooler bag, these slim-yet-long lasting ice packs slip in between the bottoms of this containers to keep this food chilled long after you’ve snapped on their lid

Now with 4 packs per set, any time is the right time for a cool lunchtime treat. Slim Lightweight and Long Lasting. Original Cool Pack contains 4 ice packs to keep this lunch or cooler bag nice and cold all day long.

Keep things chilled for hours with these durable, compact cooling packs that are slim enough to fit in any lunch box. Popsicle-sized frozen cubes that last up to 12 hours until they’ve completely melted away, keeping drinks refreshingly cool while making school lunches extra neat for busy students. 

Ice Pack for Lunch Box is a life-saver…in the sun, in the car and also on those warm days at work…those sandwiches you packed can go from fresh to grossing out this co-workers with only one icky spill we know what you mean.

Cool this lunch right down with Cool Pack! Keep this food fresh and cool with this Top Chef Freezer packs. These sleek ice packs are guaranteed to remain frozen longer than the rest, whether in a lunchbox or picnic cooler. Their slim design also means these iced-coasters pack close, which is great if you need more room for fun summer snacks.



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8- Fit & Fresh XL Cool Coolers Freezer Slim Ice Pack

The Fit & Fresh XL Cool Slim Ice Pack is a versatile, long-lasting ice pack you can fill with water to keep this food fresh, healthy and safe from the fridge for even longer! The slim design also saves freezer space. It’s perfect for keeping all of this items cool, so combined with the other Fit & Fresh products you have to work hard at not being able to eat right. 

The FIT & FRESH XL Cooler is a must-have for anyone who enjoys an active lifestyle. It has all the benefits of the popular smaller cooler plus more space to store up to six containers and keep them cold. The last thing you want to do is shovel the ice out of the freezer every time you need a quick cool down.

Skip that whole messy ordeal with Fit & Fresh’s XL Cool Coolers Freezer Slim Ice Packs! Take a few moments before this event, big game, or tailgating session to place these anywhere they’ll be needed – in bags or around food items.

The convenient design packs up quickly and even has an easy-grip handle so it can go anywhere with you. Plus these long-lasting ice packs are extremely safe for individuals on restricted diets thanks to FDA compliance. The size of these ice packs are larger than this Triple Compartment Ice Packs, but they still have some versatility.

This extra-large capacity freezer slim pack offers long lasting protection which will maintain this up to 25 lb. purchase fresh and taut, just as it left the store! These XL ICE PACKS are perfect for every occasion.




When it comes to buying ice packs, there are a few factors you’ll want to consider. What size is this lunch box? Does the pack need to be reused or will it only be used once for an extended period of time? How cold do you want this food to stay in transit? These are just some questions that can help narrow down which kind of ice pack would work best for this needs! We hope this blog post has helped point you in the right direction when shopping for ice packs.