Best 03 Compartment Lunch Boxes (Our top 04 Picks 2022)

For employees, who wish to eat a balanced, home-cooked diet during the day,  insulated lunch boxes aren’t just a convenience, but rather a blessing. You can pack different types of food in a well-divided box that adds more value to your lunch. Hence, either you’re an office worker or a mom who needs to pack lunch for her school-going kids, always choose a multi-compartment lunch box.

Here, we are making your task super easy by enlisting several best 3 compartment lunch boxes below. Check the following lunch boxes and choose according to your need; it doesn’t matter whether you want to pack veggies, protein, or fruits. Let’s get started one by one; 

Sr. NoNamePrice
1 Bentgo Fresh 3-Pack Meal Prep Lunch Box Set
Check Price
2ArderLive Bento Lunch Box for Adults
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3Yumbox Panino Leakproof Bento Lunch Box for Kids and AdultsCheck Price
4Electric Lunch Box 3in1 Heating Food for Car/Truck and WorkCheck Price

We have enlisted top 05 lunch boxes with 03 containers that are selling on different eCommerce stores like a hot cake. In the following discussion, we will analyze different features of the following enlisted products such as the material of the lunch box, durability, food carrying capacity, lid tightness, keeping food hot time, and leak-proof. Having analyzed all the above-mentioned features, you will be able to select which lunchbox will suit you the most. 

1- Bentgo Fresh 3-Pack Meal Prep Lunch Box Set

When it comes to buying a quality lunch box, you will find the Bentgo brand at the top of the list. Let’s see what features the under-reviewed 3 compartment lunch box has. 

As we know that all the lunchbox included on the list have 3 compartments and there is no exception with this one. However, this lunch box’s all the 3 compartments are well portioned. All the 3 compartments are not equally divided for a reason. And the reason is obvious, you can store 3 different types of food in 3 varying sized compartments.  

More amazingly, if you want to store more than 3 meals in the lunch box then you can use the given divide in it. By using the given divider, you can further split the main compartment into two. So, enjoy 4/3 meals at your lunchtime in this innovatively designed box. 

Now come to the lid’s design and how it plays a vital role in making the lunchbox leak-proof. The lid of the box is airtight. The inner of the lid is as divided as the main; so that, each compartment of the lunchbox becomes leak-proof. Furthermore, the main tray (with 3 compartments) can be removed from the lid portion for detailed cleaning. Moreover, the lunchbox is dishwasher safe as well. 

Lastly, let me make it clear that the reviewed Bentgo lunch box with three compartments can store up to 2 to 3 liter of food (more than 100 ounces). 



Final Verdict:

No matters, either you are an office worker or looking for a lunchbox for your school-going kids, this Bentgo lunch box will meet the needs of everyone. In fact, we can say that this lunchbox is age-blind and perfect for everyone. 

2- ArderLive Bento Lunch Box for Adults

Our 2nd product doesn’t come from a well-known brand group; however, the manufacturing quality and eye-catching design may grab your attention. Let’s check all the features of this lunchbox and check what makes it better to put on number 2 on the list.  

Like the above-one, this lunchbox also has 3 compartments. However, there is no separate divider provided in the package. Moreover, the material’s quality of divider is not as high as the above-mentioned Bentgo lunch box. Apart from the material’s quality, the dividers will keep the food separate and don’t let the food mix up and spoil the actual taste. 

The lid is innovatively engineered that can keep your cutlery safe. To make the box leak-proof, the lid is equipped with 4 latches on each side. Aside from 4 latches on each side, the lunchbox also has a silicone removable ring that makes it airtight. It doesn’t end here. The lid has a groove on it where you can adjust the cutlery case easily. 

Note: Cutlery case, one spoon, one fork, and a pair of chopsticks are included in the package. 

More amazingly, the lunch box is microwave oven safe, which means you can enjoy your lunch by getting it hot in a microwave oven. But keep in mind, remove the lid before placing it in the oven. 



Final Verdict:

Owing to its compact size and low food carrying capacity, it is suggested that buy it for your kids. It might be insufficient to store the required lunch quantity for an adult. 

3- Yumbox Panino Leakproof Bento Lunch Box for Kids and Adults

With eye-catching colors, Yumbox Panino lunch box can be perfect for kids and teenagers. Let’s check what makes this lunch box perfect for kids and teenagers. 

There are several reasons for making it clear at inception that it would be the perfect choice for kids. The first one is its eye-catching colors. Kids love to eat in different colored boxes; that’s why you buy the favorite colored Yumbox for your kids. More amazingly, the manufacturer introduces a new color every year.

Another reason that makes it kids friendly; it’s easy to open and close. Kids need not put hard effort into the opening and close it. And the last reason for choosing it for your kids is its compact size and lightweight. Yes, it can benefit school bags because of its compact size. 

Like any other above-mentioned products, this one is also well portioned that can store three different types of foods without getting them mixed up with each other. 

Leak-proof, removable tray, microwave/dishwasher safe, and easy cleaning are some other features that may force you to buy it instantly.



Final Verdict:

As we have mentioned above that this lunchbox is suitable for kids for several reasons. However, it would be quite good for teenagers and adults as well, if they have no problem with the available colors of Yumbox. 

4- Electric Lunch Box 3in1 Heating Food for Car/Truck and Work

As the name suggests, this lunch box is electric-powered and can serve warm meals after hours of packing. Let’s check all its amazingly designed features one by one; 

The main tray of the lunchbox is made of stainless steel; so, no worries about getting the food toxic by adding fumes. Moreover, the removable stainless steel tray is portioned into 3. Easy to clean and large food capacity are the other features of this lunchbox. 

The airtight lid comes with foldable handles that make it highly portable and easy to carry. Moreover, the lid can store different cutlery items as well. In addition, the lid with silicone rings makes the box leakproof as well. 

Aside from the lunchbox and cutlery, the package includes two different power cords for heating the packed food. The white-colored power cord can be used at home. On the other hand, the black-colored power cord is designed to use in a car.

Quality material and ease to clean are the other features that place it above par. 



Final Verdict:

If you want to enjoy your lunch without getting spoiled-taste and cold (it doesn’t matter whether the food has been packed hours before), this lunchbox will give you hot food. So, buy and enjoy your fresh lunch at your workplace. 


We know that the market is loaded with hundreds of lunchboxes which may or may not serve the lunch efficiently. However, we have tried to make this list perfect by suggesting top Quality 03 container lunch boxes in the list. Please check all the enlisted options and make your purchasing of the year. If you have any questions regarding lunch boxes, please do ask in the comment section. Thank you. Stay Blessed. 

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